Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Generate More Traffic to Your Sites
There are already many tools or programmes which help to drive more traffic to your sites or blogs nowadays. But there is always new things come up with better features and ideas. TrafficXplode tool is something I would like to tell you all today. You can tell what this tool is about by seeing at its name.

TrafficXplode2.0 is a hosted tell-a-friend system that can be seamlessly integrated with any kind of sites. The unique feature of the tool is to be able to integrate with I actually went in to their demo page to have a better understanding about this tool.

This tool is designed to create a "win-win-win" situation for 3 parties which are the owner, visitors and invitees.The owner will manage to get more traffic to their sites by using TrafficXplode 2.0, and for the visitors, they might get free gift from the site owner. As for the invitees, they will get to know about a great resource that might potentially be something of value.

If you want to know better about how this tool works, you can actually go to and try out the demo version of this tool. You just have to follow the listed steps and the explanations of all the features are clearly written out.


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