Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The More The Merrier~
I have mentioned and talked about SocialSpark.com in previous post and it is no surprise to see me post for advertisers consistently in my blog through SocialSpark. Not to talk about the fun part of making some pocket money through blogging for advertisers, I also enjoy be knowledgeable and well informed about those advertisers' new products or services.

If you need to spread the news about your new business or new products, Socialspark.com is somwhere you should pay a visit. The bloggers and advertisers in SocialSpark is growing strong with days and it is just a right place for you to promote your service.

If I have a chance to select few specific companies or brands to sponsor my blog, I bet it will not take me more than five minutes to make a list. Firstly, I would really like to blog for my favourite local yarn shop Woolie Ewe. I love knitting and I wish to tell other knitters or crocheters about this cool yarn shop. Not only they provide variety type of yarns, books and notions, everyone who works there also serves their customers as friendly as they could.

Besides yarn shop, I wish to blog for some popular cosmetic brands as well. My first choice will be MAC cosmetic. I love their products. I can never get enough of them especially their limited edition collection. Anyway, I would say, it will be the more the merrier in SocialSpark.com. Either you are a blogger or advertiser, you are always welcome to hop in SocialSpark and say hi to us.

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