Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Political Satire Comedy
Can you believe it is already July? There is another 4 more months to go for the big election of the United States. I bet politic is always a heat topic to talk about among us. I enjoy listen to talk radio nowadays while I drive and I know more and better about what is going on.

Glenn Beck is a new name to me but he is surely entertaining. He is a political satire comedian. I visited to his site and actually watched a feature video which is about energy independence. I would say the way he presents is entertaining yet informative.

Glenn Beck is having his summer political tour right now and the Dallas show will be on at July 17th which will be broadcasted live via Fathom Events to select movie theaters nationwide on that date. Hey, he will be in town that time! I should make John to take me watch his show.

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