Sunday, April 06, 2008

NewYork Trip Part III
Look at all the sandwiches, wraps that sells in that deli!

So, before I forgot about my newyork trip, I better blog about it. Lets see what I did on Monday 17th March. It was even a more tiring day. Well, it was St.Patrick day. There was a parade around central park area. Before we started our busy day, we had a very nice newyork breakfrast. Again, we walked from Times square to 5th Ave. and then central park. We just stopped for a while to watch the parade. Too many people in green. Funny mask, make-up. We walked pass the Plaza hotel at the corner and get to the central park. Real luxury and nice hotel in New York.

Finally, I was at the central park. Big park, nice, romantic... you should know many movies were filmed here. hmm... like maid in manhattan by Jennifer Lopez? Enchanted? I am legend? Anyway, its a beautiful park. Many people jogging there in Sunday, healthy newyorkers. There is a zoo at Central park, I love animals and actually would like to visit but I guess it has to be my next new york trip then. We stopped at few attractions in the central park. Bethesda Terrace is one spot that you cant miss. Very pretty. There is a long walk before the Bethesda terrace with tall trees along both sides. Very romantic feel.

Ice Skating at the Central Park

That is the famous romantic long walk at Central Park

Bethesda Terrace

After 45mins (at least) in central park, we separate our ways. Mindy went to Irish pub with Carol. Steve went to meet a friend at Brooklyn. So, Diana, Michelle and I decided to go to SOHO. Ok, before we walked to the nearby subway station. We came to the spot where Beatles John Lennon was shot. In front of the Dahkota building. There is a memorial green area, the Strawberry field memorial to John Lennon with the wording " IMAGINE" mosaic on the ground.

SOHO, SOuth of HOuston in NewYork. A place that you MUST visit if you love shopping. LOTS of shops... I mean LOTS! TONS! I walked.. walked... walked... and walked! (haha, should say SHOP, BUY right?) Naaa, din't buy much. Not a shopping trip ok? I am not working YET.

We went to bloomingdale. Michelle wanted to get a piece of jewelry from David Yurman. A bracelet. Real nice. Also a sweet Ed Hardy vintage tattoo shirt. I bought a bliss body lotion there. Sad story about this lotion happened at the day I flew back to Texas. Tell you about it later k!

what shop we popped in? Lets see... hmm... FCUK, American Apparel, BCBG... aahh.. lots!

We walked like 2 and half hours at least. Then we had to head to Brooklyn. yeah! Brooklyn bridge. There is a very famous Pizza restaurant under the Brooklyn bridge, Grimaldi Pizzeria. Very jam packed restaurant. Not big pizzeria ok? And.. people lining up in front the shop at 5pm. Well, you just gotta admit the pizza taste great! =) Brooklyn bridge is beautiful. Weather was too cold and too windy to walk across it. (Also, very tired already that time!)

View from the under of the Brooklyn Bridge

That was like a 6 hours non-stop walking except 15/20min max sitting in the subway. Very tiring. I think we reached the hotel at around 7 something. I just remembered I was very very tired. Legs were so sore. I slept pretty early that day because next day I would meet up with my girl friend Ashley. Stay tune!!! Part IV will be the date of me and Ashley!!!