Sunday, February 17, 2008

Whats Up !!!

I've been absent for a while but I been knitting non-stop for the past month. I completed the boring 5 shrugs order by 13th and finally shipped them out at 15th. Such a relieve after all and happily I started other projects. I knitted a hat - foliage. I use the left yarn I used for the shrugs. Another very easy and quick hat pattern. This is knitted for Esther. A friend of mine who stays in New York. Oh ya! I will have a trip to New York next month with Diana and Michelle. Not only I am very excited to visit this big city, I am also very very happy to meet Esther, a friend that I dint see in 6 years. This New York trip is a birthday present from my hubby. Thanks alot John~

Before I have this New York trip, I am going to Shreveport tomorrow with my in laws. We all just like gambling and we used to have short trip to Shreveport like once or twice a year. Actually it is also a celebration trip of my father in law. Its his birthday on 19th!
I have also started knitting a bolero. It is a pattern from phildar magazine 32. I will make it in shorter sleeves version, a elbow length maybe. I am using Rowan Cashsoft, the very first time I use Rowan yarn. Needless to say more about the softness of this yarn. According to the pattern, I should have enough yarn to finish the whole bolero but I still have the worry of running out of yarn. Cross my finger~

At the same time I am knitting this bolero, I also work on the lacey top. Hopefully I could finish these 2 knitwear and I could wear them in my new york trip! happy happy !!!