Friday, March 07, 2008

Olive Cardigan

Finally, I bought some black buttons at the evening and sew them up my cardigan. Its a fun project and I love it. Again, I din't follow the pattern entirely. I din't work the button band separately, I just picked up the stitch at the edge and knitted around.

I learn something new in this project, which is knitting the big nice collar. It is composed of 2 separate pieces of collar. Seamed the pieces together then sewed around the neckline. Love the yarn, love the pattern, super duper love the collar. A new cardigan that I will wear in my coming New York trip.

But one thing, I think it only looks nice with one button-up due to my big bust. * Rolling my eyes * I gained some weight since I came back from Malaysia. And I been giving myself sooo many excuses not to go back to gym yet. What a lame me! Anyway, this is another cardigan that I will wear very often. Probably will look nice with all buttons up after I lose 20lbs or so. Bla...

Weather been weird these days. We had snows 2 days in a week. We got so excited about it and I had a nice walk at the neighborhood when it snowed. Sooooo pretty!!!

I am working on the lacey top now. Should be able to finish it in 3 days. Yippee Yippee!!!