Friday, March 21, 2008

NewYork Trip - Part I
Diana always visit to New York during spring break with Michelle, and some of her friends or colleagues. This year, there is a new member to join them, which is me! I was real excited about this trip. Been hearing soo much about New York and this was the first time that I can actually SEE it. I left to New York at 14th March and came back at 19th. Took quite some pictures in the trip and here I wanna share with you all. Some pictures are quite dimmed as they are taken with my cellphone camera.

There were 9 of us in the trip but 4 of them were staying in different hotel. Most of them are Diana's colleague, that means they are teachers in high school. Diana, Steve and Mindy are high school stage play teachers, and they always go for broadway musicals while they are in New York.

Our flight was delayed 30mins, but the flight was alright. They served us a light lunch on plane. After 3 and half hours, we landed safely and welcomed by a sweet Lincoln limousine. From Newark airport to NYC, it took about 40 minutes to reach our hotel. The first impression I had to NYC was... its busy and dirty. Weather is kinda messed up, raining.

The light lunch that I had in the flight!

I am wearing my own handknit sweater!!!

We headed to Times Square right after we dropped off our luggages. Subway is a block away from our hotel. We all purchase a 7-days unlimited subway ride with 25dollars, which I think its a reasonable price. Times Square is busy, exciting, crowded and happening. Many theaters around, shops... big billboards, big commercial tvs... AND... many yellow cabs! =) Below are few pictures that I snapped at that night, more to come in next posts!

Big M&M's commercial on big screen!!!

We walked around Times Square and then we had our dinner at a nearby italian restaurant. I forgot the name of it but I manage to take a picture of the dish I had. Pretty tasty I would say. And the bottle of wine that we had was great!

Veal with marsala wine and mushroom! I want more!

That was pretty much what we did for the first night we arrived New York.

2nd day, we went to Canal Street, which is where the Chinatown located. New York Chinatown is amazingly BIG. Its another busy place. Everyone walking in their speedy pace. I had fun watching them running their business. Selling clothings, handbags, perfumes, vegetables, seafood...

Real fresh vegetable and seafood

We went to Joe's Shanghai to have our lunch and its recommended by Ashley. They have popular dish which is the steamed dumpling. We ordered steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, lion head, some fried noodles and fried rice. Food is fantastic with amazingly good price. We all enjoyed the meal tremendously BUT one thing is really upsetting, which is the SERVICE. wow... they are rude! Rough!

After the lunch, we walked to the low east side of New York, visiting the Tenement Museum. Its a museum that tells story about how oversea immigrants lived in NYC hundreds year ago. Its interesting but it was pretty tiring while I stood and listened to the tour guide.

Before the museum visit, we actually went in the Essex street market. What a interesting small and nice market. We saw this nice small chocolate shop, Sue and Ronnie's Chocolate. They sell delicious chocolate. Yummy! We walked pass many blocks and we saw many cool shops along the walk. There is this one interesting candy store, calls Economy Candy store. You probably can FIND all the candy you like. Tons of them!!!

Real cool building behind the Essex Street Market!

Various of jelly beans and you see the multicolor of M&Ms?

For dinner, we had a piece of simple New York pizza. I had a piece of eggplant pizza, it taste alright. After this quick dinner, we all ready for our musical show. Michelle, Mindy and I watched Legally Blonde. It was a good show. Worth watching!!!