Saturday, March 29, 2008

NewYork Trip Part II
Its beautiful Sunday! Very cold and windy. We woke up in the morning and had a nice breakfast in a corner diner. Food portion is big. I had a chicken wrap. After that, we made our way back to Times square, TKTS. They wanted to buy ticket to watch another show in the afternoon and Michelle and I decided to walk to 5th Avenue. Oh ya, I forgot to mention. The church of Scientology is just opposite the TKTS. We saw a protest right in front of the church the day before. Too bad, din't see Tom Cruise there.

I dint manage to finish the whole thing.

Chicago musical in Times Square

I wanted to get some MnMs for John. And there is this very big MnMs store in Times Square. There are various color of candy that you can mix and buy. Just choose the color you like, weight them and pay at the counter. Look at the candy dispenser. haha~ Soo crazy!

We passed by some popular buildings before reaching the 5th Ave. First one, is Radio City Music Hall. Michelle briefly told me about it and there was banner of Aretha Franklin's concert going to be held there. After another five min walks, I saw St. Patrick Cathedral. A beautiful beautiful catholic church. We did not go in the church but we planned to come back on Tuesday.

St.Patrick Cathedral

Rockefeller Center. Nice fountain and ice skating there.

Let the pictures do the speaking then. Cool buildings, cool branded shops... very beautiful beautiful 5th Ave. I love that area!!! We really walked alot that day. What a tiring day!

You watch Apprentice? Donald Trump?
you are fired!!! Thats the Trump Tower.

This is the cool Apple store. Many people were lining up
walking down to see the display room. I din't go in though.

Real big H&M store. I bought a top there.

On the 5th avenue.

Laura Mercier is connected with Mac. Real pretty interior design store.

Look out from MAC shop at busy pretty 5th Ave.

FAFI at MAC. I bought a eye shadow there.
Contrast Velvet. Ah, so sexy!

So we saw many people watching these 4 gals
posing shooting picture in front of a branded store. Who are they?
No idea. But someone shouted American next top models.
I just think they look like the 4 characters in Sex and the city. Agree?

Dinner, We had it at BSmith. Food was just so so. But you must try the Apple cinnamon infused martini. It is very very good! hmmmm... i want one now!

So so Pork Rib.

Heavenly apple infused martini. I want I want! I am a alcoholic.
seriously, it is good! very good!