Thursday, April 03, 2008

I want my Addi!
Its in the afternoon, 2pm something. And there was a conversation went between me and hubby.

me: John, do you think you can take me to woolie ewe (my LYS) later?

hubby: Well, not today. I am still working now even though I work from home (almost everyday).

me: You promised you take me to woolie ewe last Sunday but you din't.

hubby: Come on, its not my fault. You went Galleria with Rosanne and Gloria shopping.

me: Hey yerrr!(Noise I made when I cranky) How am I suppose to knit the blanket without Addi?

hubby:Who is Addi? A famous knitter? You want to get a knitting magazine?

me: NO!!! Addi is knitting needle!!!

hubby: I thought you have all sizes of needles already?

me:BUT they are not Addi! I need 5.5mm and 6mm Addi!

hubby:*rolling his eyes* Too bad, stick with you non-addi until tomorrow I take you there!

aarrrrhhh... yup! Its frustrating. I know I shouldn't be THAT picky but do you know how lovely Addi is? I just wish to knit everything with them. They are very very nice to knit with. I want to start knitting a blanket. The bunny hop blanket I knitted last year. This time, I am using cotton yarn, white color. Receiver will be a baby gal who will be born at May. I still have time! hehe!