Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wanna Hide your IP address?
Do you hate the fact that your IP adress can easily be traced back at whatever site you visit or surf online? Well, maybe you won't mind, but I am pretty sure, they are some people out there, surely want to hide IP address badly. Because you will reveal yourself through the IP address.

If it happens to be that you were one of them, who wish to secure your identity and want to hide your IP address, is here to solve this problem for you! Hide My IP Address is a security software, which is a specially-modified browser, based on Firefox. It automatically routes all of your internet traffic through at least two ultra-secure, ultra-fast anonymous servers by using the powerful and well-known Tor network for total privacy.

You can instantly hide IP address with this security software and surf the net invisibly with a totally ANONYMOUS IP address! Hope in and check it out!

**this is paid post**