Sunday, August 26, 2007

My First Pair of Mitten!
You should have an idea how bad I am in completing A PAIR of socks! So far, I only managed to complete 2 pair of socks, both are for DH. There are 3 single sock still laying deadly in a box. 2 pomotamus and 1 monkey. After having these valuable experiences, I know I can't get into mitten knitting, something that come in PAIR. But guess what, Gloria (my sister in law) convo me in etsy one day, told me that she wish to have a pair of THIS and she wondered if I could make them. Well, it is always a pleasure to knit something for your family, your love one. She said she will pay for that, come on! I won't want her money!!! Mitten? hmmm... ok! I will make Gloria a pair!

From what I saw on the photo, its not a difficult, complicated mitten pattern. So, I did not buy the pattern and I made them up myself. Gloria did not request a particular color for the mitten, so I used the left over gray patons classic merino wool. It is a very quick project indeed. Something you can finish in hours.

I don't want to deal with DPNs this time so I tried the magic loop method using 4.5mm circular needle. Have you tried this method before? I am really having fun with this! What a cool invention huh? Ok, come look at the mitten I am working on now, another few more rows to go! I believe they will look and feel better after blocking!