Friday, August 24, 2007

Cool Quiz!
I always like to take personality and trivia quiz when I was in high school. I remember I could spent hours in the library, looking for related books and having fun in these kind of quiz with my best friend Chloe. Now, we can take all these quiz online. Lately, I just took a dumb test in Quiz Rocket and thats pretty interesting. Beside this quiz, there are also Dating Personality Quiz, Religion Test, Intelligence Quiz, Office Character Quiz, Where Should I Live Quiz, Personal Fashion Style Quiz,Cooking Quiz, Reality TV Quizzes, Pop Culture Quiz, One Hit Wonder Songs Quiz, Pop Music Quiz, Gay Guiz,Online Bible Quiz, Teen Personality Quiz, Lesbian quiz, and the "Impossible" Quiz. These free trivia and personality quizzes are professionally written and fun to take. I bet there must be ONE that really interest you right? The cool thing about these quizzes are, not only they show you the quiz result, a quiz completion badge will be given as well!!! Feel bored sometimes and want to do something interesting? Get into Quiz Rocket! Now, look at the badge I get from dumb test! ha~

**this is a paid post**