Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rehab in Malibu?
Nina came over to knit this afternoon so we had our girlie talk and good time. I remember that Nina used to hang out with a girl named Kathy, so I asked about her, wondering if she is in college now or doing something else. Out of my expectation, Nina told me that Kathy is now in Malibu. For vacation I said? Nope, she was actually sent there for a adolescent treatment program. Teen Rehab in Malibu, which provides holistic, state of the art treatment for teens with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, mental health and behavioral health issues. I know her family is doing the best for her and I deeply wish she will come back soon with a healthier person!

Again, I think about the severity of teenagers problem in Malaysia, I believe there are some useful teen rehabs or counselor center available, but comparing to a rehab in Malibu? A place that located near the ocean and nature? I guess the result could be very different.

** this is a paid post **