Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Drug Rehab
Do you know someone who is a drug addict? I do and they are actually my own cousins. I remember I was still very young when my mom told me that my cousins were in the jail because of drug abuse. I think they were 20, 18 that time. Not hard to figure out, my cousins grew up in a broken family, my uncle and his wife separated and worked at different places. Their kids stayed with my older uncle. Under peel pressure, they approached cocaine at young age. After few years trapped in the jail, they did not learn their lesson apparently because I been hearing them going in and out the jail along the pass 15 years. The very last time I saw them, was like a year ago at hometown. They look so much older and weaker than their actual age and, they are jobless.

Back home in Malaysia, there are not many well organized drug rehab centers compared to the states. Watching the intervention TV show, I realized that there are many kind-hearted people out there are willing to offer help to those helpless and lost drug abusers. How much I wish there were some one like that back then, to help my cousins out so there is no recurrent case occurs no more.

Do you have someone you love is in drug addiction problem? Do you wish to help them but at the same time you find nothing much you can do about it? Don't feel so, instead, there is a very helpful
drug rehab exists and they can help you!

1800-no-drug is a free, non-profit portal treatment referral service to help you find a rehabilitation center for your individual needs. There many options for drug rehab
, drug rehabilitation, and drug treatment programmes and organizations available. There are very less we know about the drug addiction compare to those professional trained counselors. Do not wait no more, take action now and give the best thing we could to the drug addicts around us. Let help, the compassionate and knowledgeable counselors can help us make the most effective decision to help our loved one. They are available 24s hour a day, 7 days a week.

Do not feel embarrassed knowing someone who is a drug addict, help them and show concern to them, do not give up on them! We all need loves and cares, no exceptions to drug addicts as well!

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