Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bedroom furniture or Chest ?
I wish to do some home improvements so much but I just have no idea where to start. I painted the living room like a year ago and supposingly, I should renovate another two rooms, one into a guest room and another into my craft room. But but then ... I don't know what is holding me back and I have done nothing yet. (my laziness duh!)

Lately, I saw some nice home furnitures online at this Houston furniture shop named Gallery Furniture and I spotted one piece of furniture that I really really like. Well, what furniture piece you think a knitter always desires badly? To me, I want a CHEST to store all my yarn stash! Yup, I need a chest for my precious yarn! I want an antique white chest, something look like this! It is a five drawer white chest with crystal like pulls! It will go nice with all the paint color and also curtain. I want one! Look at it, don't you think it is so adorable and sweet?

But after giving it a second thought, then I think I should buy a bedroom furniture set for the guest room first since I plan to fly my parents over to spend some times in the states with me next year. The guest room now is totally a mess! Just too much work that I have to do with it, eg. paint the whole room, buy new furniture, curtain... So, I think I should make a wiser decision to get the bedroom furniture instead. Well, seems like I can't get any chest any sooner. One day, I will own an ideal chest I always want, one day!!! Be patient ok? My precious yarn!