Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thanks for the comment!
I woke up quite early today because I wanted to call my mom up and have a good chat with her. We had a great chat for an hour or so. After that, I woke John up, dressed up myself and went to my LYS happily! Yup, they are having sales today, on ALL Rowan yarn from 20% - 75%! I never tried any Rowan yarn before, because it costs so much more than other yarn and I always have the yarn budget on hand. Remember? I am a jobless housewife at this moment. Anyway, I managed to get some nice yarn today. I bought 6 balls of RY Classic Cashsoft 4 ply, in Fennel. Wow, how could I not to love this yarn? They are just way too soft! Thanks DH for being so patient, waiting for me in the car while I was busy hunting for yarn. Then, we headed home after we had a nice lunch at Dickey's barbeque.

Everything was soo great and wonderful until I read a comment left in my previous post. Believe me, its real upsetting to read such comment but I calmed myself down after grumbling with DH and Lily. I din't delete the comment, indeed I would like to respond to her here.

Firstly, I want to say thank you for her comment and opinion. Also, thank her for reading my blog for some while I believe, eventhough I never read any comment from her before in any of my posts at all. I guess the paid post that I started recently really disappointing her or disgusting her, so she has her best advice left.

It is just impossible to please everyone right? I clearly remember why I started this blog, it is because of the passion I have for knitting. Besides knitting, I also share my life, my story with everyone. One more thing, I am very surprised and delighted that I actually have some knitters and friends reading my blog regularly. I deeply madly appreciate that. Especially for those who always leave kind words, compliments on my knitting.

But starting to blog for advertisers, doesn't mean I would stop blogging about my knitting, in fact, I have more knitting projects going on and I am very certain that I have been improving my knitting skill as well all these time. I won't say money is everything, but if I can use best out of my spare time, my capability to make some pocket money through blogging for some informative advertisements, I don't see that is a problem. Because at the very very beginning, I don't start this blog to please anyone but just myself.

It is like, you visit to a stranger's house and she welcomes you warmly and offers you variety of cookies and biscuits. It happens to be oreo is one of them and you hate oreo the most. I don't think you will tell the hostess to throw away all the oreo? Most probably you would be polite and choose over something you like, maybe peanut cookies with a smiley face!

Anyway, my passion to knitting will never change and I will always try to blog about my knitting. I appreciate everyone who drops by to read my blog. I sincerely thank them from the bottom of my heart. Most of the time, you might find some odd topic kind of posts around but I know that could be something informative to some readers. I never aim to make a fortune through blogging, afterall, all those hard earn money will be spent on yarn eventually. See where is this going? * Blink! * What I want, is just more more more luxury yarn like these ......