Friday, August 17, 2007

Rockin' Girl blogger! Who? ME!

I have been awarded! Look at the badge above, click on it and find out more! I am awarded as a Rockin' Girl Blogger by Sally ! Let me think, do I have anything to do with Rocking? Yeah, I do have some crazy rocking times. Wanna listen how I sing this in the rocking way? * You give love a BAD name~~~~ !!! * Love you Bon Jovi! Ok, now, I have to pick 5 girls for this award. The nominees are ~~~

1. Samantha - My dearest best friend ever! She loves photographing a lot and you can see some nice photo in her site. Those photos reflect her life, her interests.

2. Jamy - This lady is amazing! Want to know more about making money through blogging? Visit her site and let her tell you all.

Puteri - She makes lovely crafty things. Jewelery, Bag, Totes, quilts... very very talented!

Lily - Wonderful crocheter and knitter! She is very very good in crochet! I really mean it! Look at her designs then you have the idea what I am saying!

Claudine - I love all the photographs in her blog and I enjoy reading her post as well. She definitely rocks.