Thursday, August 16, 2007

Classic Cable Tank Tube

Remember this tank tube I knitted? This tank is a combination work of ribbing, lace and cable
pattern. I actually knitted this tank for sales in my ETSY shop. Lately, there are few ladies request for its pattern and after few days of hard work, well, I was actually quite occupied with the shrug knitting, but I managed to write out this tank's pattern in PDF.

There is only one size in this pattern, due to the stretchability of this garment, it does fits bust size 32-37". You might want to alter the length of the body if you have larger boobs! It is all depends on how you want to wear this top! I personally think the best length will be somewhere on the hip bone! But you might want it shorter? to show off your sexy belly button?

3 different size of circular needles are required here. Using different size of needles, to give the shaping effect of this tank. The yarn I used is Patons classic wool merino, natural marl. Basically, you can use any worsted weight wool yarn you like. As we know, wool yarn garment always shapes out wonderfully after block, so I will strongly recommend that wool yarn should be used!

With the eyelet holes by making YO stitch, you can have a sweet final touch on the tank by attaching a ribbon through the eyelet holes. If you think thats too feminine, forget about the ribbon and you can actually upside down the tank and have the eyelet hole ribbing at the bottom!

Just another fun, simple and fast pattern to knit! Are you looking for a pattern to knit as a gift for a girl friend? You can consider this pattern! Also, autumn is coming soon too ( eventhough I am still suffered in the crazy heat here! harlo~ I am in Texas! ), its time to wear something woolie and yet sexy!

The pattern is now on sales for 5USD. I hope this pattern can be something you would like to keep in your to-do list! If you have any question about this pattern, please contact me!