Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rough Blackie!
As planned, I am knitting the grey shrug. You know what, I have used at least 5 different color of Paton classic merino wool and I would say the black yarn is the worst among them all. I am talking about the quality, softness of the yarn. Do you think there is something to do with the dye material? The black yarn is much rougher than the rest. If compare, natural marl and grey mix are the softest one! It is soo obvious you know? When I CO using the grey yarn this afternoon, I just love the softness of it! Apparently, this will be a easier knitting project compared to the black one, especially at the cable sleeves part! I don't have to focus and strain my eyeball muscle badly as I did while knitting the black.

I went to the patons website, and they actually have new color in classic merino wool. Those are fun and sweet color to knit with. Lets take a look! Don't you like them? I think its good yarn choice to make colorful scarf! or even a plain simple sweater!

I ordered 2 knitting magazines from Phildar month ago during sales. These magazines came all the way from France and there are few projects that I really like. Come come and glance at them. I might pick one of them to knit for this winter. Which one you like the most?