Friday, August 17, 2007

Say hi to Smorty
Have you heard about Smorty? If the answer is no, it is fine. Right now, let me introduce Smorty to you. Smorty is a service connecting the advertisers to the bloggers. Through Smorty, advertisers get to advertise on blogs, they pay bloggers to write opinion post about their services, products and websites with links back to the advertisers site.

It costs NOTHING for you to set up an account in Smorty. You register your blog and wait for the approval within 72 hours. You can actually add more than one blog in your account. Once your blog is approved, Smorty will deliver the available opportunities to you based on your blog pagerank. You have the right to choose the opportunity which interests you. The minimum pay to blog advertising is 6usd per post. With a better blog pagerank then you will get better pay of opportunity. It takes up to 5 full days to review your post to be approved or declined. Once its approved, you will get paid to your paypal account at the first payment day of the week, it means bloggers get paid on weekly basis. This is really exciting!

Yes, bloggers get paid to blog. If you are a blogger, and you want to blog for money, this is the right place for you. Also, if you are an advertiser, you want to advertise on blogs, to increase traffic to your website, Smorty welcomes you as well.

** This post is sponsored by Smorty **