Friday, August 24, 2007

Should I knit a shawl? lacy shrug?
I will have my wedding banquet at November at Malaysia. Eventhough I haven't picked out my wedding gown yet, I am sure a shawl or a lacy shrug would be nice to go with the gown or my evening dress. Then, here comes the next question, should I knit them? Or I just buy them?

Hmmm..... I knitted a FBS last year, I really like it and I know for sure it will be more gorgeous if I use better quality yarn. Also, I like this lacy shrug a lot. I do, from Knitty which designed by Jody Prival. Most probably, I will buy some nice mohair wool yarn first, then only decide which to make! Hmmm... so indecisive ...

Here I post a picture of Jess from Ravelry, in her gown with her FBS and also a picture of Jody in her I do shrug. Which one you like better?