Sunday, August 19, 2007

I am a Ravelrer finally!
Harlo~ I have been busy in this new fantasy world for whole day. You know what I am saying, don't you? After waiting in the line for 2 months and 3 days, I am a Ravelrer finally! I was like a little kid, first day enrolled to the kindergarden, excitedly looking around at this new land. Honestly, I am very amazed with the flickr importer function and all other well organizers. These credits gotta go to Cassey and Jess. Great jobs buddies! If you have already registered but still waiting in the line, keep your patient and very soon you will be in this wonderland! Its worth waiting though! If you already a member, HI~~ Please drop me a HI! My username is kitman!

Yesterday, I saw this very very breath taking FO. No kidding, I was holding my breath when I saw it, its hard to believe how good his knitting skill and artistic sense is! I adore and admire absolutely! Needless to tell much about him, he is Jared from brooklyntweed. The FO I mentioned is his Hemlock Ring blanket. I really really love it, the pattern, the yarn colour! I hope one day, I can make this too!