Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get Well soon Dad!

My father in law was admitted to the hospital for his bypass heart surgery like 2 weeks ago. The surgery went smoothly and he moved to a regular patient room the next day. My FIL was very moody and down, he complaint about the pain badly. We all can feel his pain, we keep encouraging him to be tougher, bucked up and very soon he will be home again. But the first prescribed pain killer made him drowsy and having hallucination. This really made his condition worse, I mean mentally way. Eventhough Doc claimed that he is recovering well, my FIL was still feeling low and upset. After putting him on another type of pain killer, he felt way much better but then things went rocky again when doc told him that he needed another surgery. We were all in shock when we heard about it through phone. Believe me, we all had no idea why he had to go through another surgery and we really thought it must be something real bad had happened to him. We rushed our way to the hospital right after getting the news and my heart was beating so fast. John was very worried as well. I swear, those feeling are not good at all, its like, you don't know whats going to happen to someone you truely love and then there is nothing you can do at all. Luckily, it was just a minor surgery that he needed to undergo to check on his wound recovery. My FIL din't convey the right information to us and ended up we had such a roller coaster ride that evening. Anyway, after days of hospital stay, he is feeling much better now and we are looking forward to having him to go home this weekend.

The room he is staying now, has a very good view of Dallas downtown, we call that Million dollar view! I had my camera with me today and managed to take some pictures. Have you been to Dallas? This is how Dallas downtown looks like.

To support and encourage my FIL to have a speedy recovery, Gloria brought him a family portrait which taken in her wedding day. Everyone was there except ME, because I was still in Malaysia that time waiting for my visa approval. So... what Gloria did was.. next to the portrait, she drew a stickgal with long hair, who represents ME and also 2 doggies. They are Snooper and Coco. Snooper is the fatter terrier and Coco is the smaller chihuahua. You can see Gloria drew Coco peed because Coco does that always when she get excited! Can you see there is a lump on Snooper? Yeah, poor Snooper has this big lump growth on his back and my parents in law plan to get it removed soon. They both are such sweetheart doggies of my parents in law. My FIL misses them very much, he actually called home few days ago and left a voice mail so the doggies could hear his voice. Thats funny! Dad, recover and get well soon!!! We really really miss the rib and roast you cook!

My knitting progress is slow. Not only I spent some times visiting to hospital, I also spent much time exploring in Ravelry. I really have to speed up my knitting, better not to let Emma waits too long for her shrug!