Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Digital Picture Frame
Remember that I mention before about the difficulties of getting an ideal gift for guys? I just found out this cool stuff today that I think its great gift for both male and female. Yup, I am talking about digital picture frame. What you have to do is, switching the memory card into the digital photo frame, set the period of time you want your pictures to display and how you prefer the transitions between pictures. Not only pictures, you can also view your favourite short movie clips with sound in this digital frame. is an online electronic store specializing in lcd digital photo frame. These digital frame lcd display are available in 7" to 10"and you can choose the frame either in aluminum coated or wooden. You can place the digital frame on a flat surface like tables or hang it on the wall! This sounds pretty cool right?

I wish to have one in my craft room, loaded with photos of my favorite finished objects and also yarn stash. I also want to get one for my DH, loaded with all our loving dovey photos and put in his working cube.

**this is a paid post**