Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sorry for the Absence
I don't know how many of you guys are still following this blog as I have neglected it for such a long time. It is just harder than I imagine to get back to the blogging mood. I am still non-stop knitting and I am now at Arizona with John. It has been a week I am here and we are actually leaving back to Texas tonight. Not looking forward at all to the 16hrs drive. I miss my bed my pillow.

I have been working on the brooklyntweed hemlock ring blanket using lionbrand fisherman wool yarn. I like the color and it is actually softer than what I thought. I spent like 10 days to finish this project and blocked in the hotel room. I just have to say it does not turn out the way I want especially the edge. I guess I din't stretch it out enough in the blocking process so I will block it again once I get home.
It is a very easy project and a quick one as well. The edge binding off took like forever but it was kinda fun. Right after finishing this hemlock ring blanket, I cast on a simple lace pattern scarf using Rowan cotton summer tweed in purple color. I like the color and I like the simple pattern which you can easily memorize it. I definitely can finish this scarf in the coming 16hrs long drive.

Arizona is HOT! Hotter than I can handle and surprisingly, I love desert more and more now. I fall in love with big big GIANT cactus.

Nothing much to update here and I apologize for my long absence and I am really really trying hard to get back to this sweet blog.