Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hello to Socks Bugs

Sock bugs been crawling all over my body badly since few days ago. Eventhough I have many projects on hands, I couldnt help and went to LYS bought 2 skeins of socks yarn. Guess what I got myself this time? Aaarrrrhhh! I have to yell out excitedly because I finally bought myself the very first skein of Noro yarn. I bought Noro Kuroyeon Socks Yarn S188. Soo pretty the color. Well, not hard to figure out what color they are in. Its black, purple, blue, green, and pink. What a nice color combination mix dyed in this yarn. I have arranged and winded the yarn into 3 balls. So that, it will be easier for me to knit. I want the pair of socks to have same color changing along the way I knit.

Another ball of yarn which I got is Cascade Socks Yarn in bright magenta color. Merino wool with Nylon. I have pick Cookie A.'s Baudelaire to knit. Aaahh... what a wonderful design. Ok, I have to stop here and back to my socks knitting. You know what, I just don't have any strong cortisone cream to stop this itch which due to socks bugs! =)