Friday, December 05, 2008

I Got My Knitpicks Interchangable Options Needles

The needles set arrived like three days ago and I have already been using the 3.75mm and 5mm needles. I was so excited to try them out once I got them. What can I say?! If I have to compare them with Addi turbo, I am afraid that I have to go for Addi. Well, Options are heavier than Addi and I personally think Addi glides smoother and better than Options though.

Another problem is, the needles tend to be unscrewed from the cord easily. Of course it becomes better after I used the special tiny key for tightening. Also, I discover the 3.75mm needles that I am using now, one is pointier than another one.

But I still have much fun knitting with the Option Needles I got. I am actually very tempted to get Knitpicks fix circular needle in size 1, 2 and 3. Yup, smaller size of needles for lace and socks knitting.

I can't complain much as I only pay 50usd to get this set of Option needles. I know I will use them very often. I forgot to tell you all how much I like their magenta color cord. That is one of my favourite colour! =)