Tuesday, December 09, 2008

1st December 2008 - Our 3rd Anniversary

1st December 2005 - John and I got married in front of the Judge of Peace at Plano under the witness of my dearest Parent in laws and Nina. Since then, we started to live our life together. Time passes by so fast and without knowing it, it is already our 3rd anniversary.

I woke up pretty earlier that day and went to Target to buy John a big bagful of presents. I guess everyone loves surprises! We went to Outback to have our dinner as planned and that was a wonderful night.

This post is made like a week later because I already posted some pictures in Facebook but not yet blog it here.

I thanks god for granting me a good husband who completes me in his way and loves me for who I am. I pray hard to God with all my heart that we will still have many many years in the future to be with each other =)