Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't Resist Nice Packaging!
I love make up and cosmetic especially those which come in nice packaging.

I am not a big fans of Revlon product. It is not because of its quality but due to their dull unattractive packaging. Few months ago, I got a gift shipped from HongKong because I won a quiz. Revlon lipstick is one of the cosmetics in the gift and I really like it. The color and the light shimmer. I believe that lipstick is only sell in Japan. Not something I can find at the States.

Today, I visit to Revlon site for the very first time and I am amazed to see their 2008 limited edition product. Firstly, I am totally attracted by the packaging. Secondly, their color combination choice is great and I believe their price is reasonable and affordable as well.

I went to Kroger for grocery shopping in the afternoon and I had a look at the Revlon rack but I couldn't find those pretty products yet. I bet I have to make a trip to CVS sometimes this weekend.