Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Love Horror movie
Every year, there must be few horror or scary movies released in the Hollywood, Japan or Korea. I always have loves and hates to Horror movie. I always tempted to watch scary or horror movies but I was way too scared to handle them. I remembered I watched this scary movie IT when I was 13, that movie really scared me good. I think I needed to sleep with light on for 3 days after watching the movie.

Thing did not get any better even after I got into high school. All my friends know about this weakness of mine. Whenever we had to decide a movie to watch in the theatre, they would tease me and always pick the horror movie. I hated the sound or special scaring effect but overall I must say horror movies are quite entertaining.

Now, I am totally a better horror movie fans. Things get better after I know John. John is a total horror movie maniac. After watching tons of old or new Horror movies with him, I think I am now well sensitized and immunised to those movies. I can handle pretty well those scaring effect scenes without covering up my eyes or ears. So I can say I finally enjoy watching horror movies.

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