Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Economy recession and debt!
I talked to my mom on the phone last night. She asked me how the economy is in the states and she told me that she heard many people in the state lost their job or can not get a job due to the economy recession. I told her that John still has his job and everything seems alright here. But I did tell her most americans are in huge dept.
I always try to take care of my dept carefully. Before married, I already have a study loan and now I am still paying for it. At the moment, I am looking for jobs and have applied for some. Now I am still waiting for their reply. After I got a job, I will apply credit card. I tell myself, before I apply any credit cards in the state, I definitely have to get some good debt advice from John. I personally think he take cares of his credit and debt real good.
I just wish economy recession wont affect most of us and we can pay off our debt as soon as possible! Duh, who wont wish so?!
*paid post*