Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I did not mention this heart broken incident which happened 2 weeks ago that time. I failed my road test with a stupid mistake that I made. I ran over the curb like after the engine started for 10 seconds I guess and the examiner just had to fail me since that is a HUGE mistake. What a shame? I did not even get to get on to the ROAD yet and I was already failed~ I was so disappointed, embarrassed and upset the whole day. Crying bucket of tears.

After another two weeks of waiting, practices and great encouragements from all the loves one. I went to the same DPS with my driving instructor again this morning.
We practiced few more times before I got into the line waiting for the office to open. I stood in line and played DS lite for about 45 minutes till somebody opened the entrance door. Around 8.10am, I was already in the car waiting for the examiner to approach me. Nervous nervous!!! I starred angrily at the right curb that I ran over 2 weeks ago. Damn you! I wont make the same mistake again and that is what I keep telling myself.

Believe or not, I got the same examiner as what I had before. I bet she remembers me and she does!!! She gave me a real nice encouraging smile and said : " I hope you could go lot more further this time! " hahaha~ Really appreciate her humour!
After 15 minutes of me driving GOOD on the road I passed the road test with 91 point!!! Hey, that is incredible! When I stopped the car and ready for the result, the examiner looked at me and said: " Kitman, you drive very well. You got 91 and you should be very proud of yourself!" Hey, I was on cloud nine when I heard those words out of her mouth. I couldn't help and hug her.

And it came to the very important part. I had to take picture for my driving license. Everybody knows that the main used ID in the states is the driving license. I really wish to have a decent (pretty) picture on it. But you know what, I got someone nasty serving at the counter. A not-cute-at-all guy, who seems soo reluctantly to work there. He talked to me in single tone the whole time and I can tell he just simply snapped my picture. AND he did not even show me hows the picture taken and OFFER me if i wanna retake!!! Hey!!! Nasty man!!! So, I don't expect I will look nice on that picture~ * sad *

Anyway, good news is good news! I passed my road test and I can ride on my Rudolph legally now! (the name of my Equinox). Shirley, are you ready? Custer all the way down? I will be on my way to come to you very soon!!! Yeee Ha~