Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If you knew and heard about PayPerPost and wandering a lot there, you should know SocialSpark by now. Yup, SocialSpark is another great site which is similar to PPP, an ideal site for either bloggers or advertisers. I signed up SocialSpark a week ago and I would say I am still exploring the site and try to know more about the features.
SocialSpark is LIVE! You set up your own profile with details and description of your blog. You submit the blog and once get approval; you are ready to grab any available qualified opportunity. Your profile is viewable by other members and that means you can also view others profile as well. with this special features, you get to know more about other interesting bloggers around and you may add them to your friend list. In the member's profile, we can see what the recent opportunity that they have taken and post in their blog. We can also leave comments in their profile. Another thing is, blogger can always leave comments to any opportunity.
I added few interesting bloggers in my friend list and Puteri is one of them. She has few interesting blogs and I enjoy reading them. She managed to take a opportunity so far at SocialSpark and that is exciting.
Honestly, I have not got any opportunity yet in SocialSpark and I am confused with the way to grab one. I try to refer to the FAQ section but I do not think that help much. Seems like, I am always in the waiting slot of all the available qualified opportunities so far. Hopefully, I can find out more about this and manage to grab one opportunity soon.

*paid post*