Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Toy
I have very long hair. Normally my hair is very straight after I wash it and blow dry it. So all this while I dont think I need a hair straightener. But lately, one of my good friends told me a lot good things about flat iron which is the hair straightener. I know about this very good brand = expensive flat iron, GHD. It is really very expensive that currently wont be in my consideration. But I can buy a cheaper one to have fun with. Honestly, I want this flat iron not to straighten my hair but to CURL my hair. Yup, you hear me right! haha~ I watched some tutorial online about the method to curl the hair using a flat iron and it is very interesting~
So, I got a Conair flat iron from wal-mart with a very reasonable price. I got the 2" type. Its no doubt that it is a GOOD hair straightener as I read many good reviews about it. But it is not easy to curl my hair with it though. Anyway, more practises are required to obtain a better curl. 2" flat iron definitely give the big wave that I like but I know a 1" flat iron will be much easier to curl my hair.
As a conclusion, I still want to get a 1" flat iron. But I don't think I will get the GHD but another good review brand, SEDU!!! Will share with you all once I get my sedu in the future! Now, lets see how my 2" flat iron works in straightening and curling my hair! hehe~