Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wedding Invitations
I had my wedding banquet held at Malaysia last year November. As plan, I should have my church wedding in the states this year. Due to our laziness, we still have not pick a date for the church wedding. And we have to complete the marriage course with the church before we can have our ceremony done there. Last week, I talked to John about this issue and he insists that we are going to have a church wedding. So, I set the date somewhere around mid of August and he agrees. It will not be a big wedding but definitely there are things that I have to start preparing.

The first thing that I start looking at is Wedding Invitations. We had used a very Asian oriental design for the wedding in Malaysia. This time, I would like to pick something very different and western design. I come across some very nice designs at 1st class wedding invitations.com.
It is a very nice and well organized website that you can choose the invitations by theme or colour category. All Wedding Invitations samples are displayed nicely at the site. 1st class wedding invitations.com customize and personalize the invitations the way clients wish. I might want a simple font wording with simple design. Just like this one I found! Just love it! I really want to have my church wedding...

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