Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15th April - Happy Birthday Mom~
Today might be a BIG day for most Americans because its TAX day. I went to post office at noon to pick up a parcel and the line was long, very long. I am supposed to get this parcel like 4 days ago because it is an EXPRESS mail. Obviously, it is not very express since it took 8 days to get to me. Anyway, I am still very happy today.

Today is my Mama's birthday. Don't panic mama, I won't reveal your age here but I just want to tell you that you do look younger than your actual age. (She does not read my blog so I said the previous statement sincerely from the bottom of my heart!) How much I wish I could be home to celebrate her birthday with her. Another thing is, tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. haha~ yup. Their birthday is just one day apart. So I will call home again tomorrow to wish my Papa happy birthday! 生日快乐!!!