Monday, April 14, 2008


I have ordered 2 Japanese knit magazine online from Yesasia and finally they arrived like 1odays ago. I bought Let's knit coulture 12 and Let's knit series 2008 spring/summer. Honestly, I din't find any pattern that I crazy about from the second magazine, but there are 2 patterns that I would like to try out from the first magazine.

And at the moment, I am knitting one of it. I spent quite some times, really quite some times to find the appropriate yarn with the correct gauge to knit this pattern. From the picture it shows in the magazine, I believe thats wool yarn. What I am using now, is Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy. I have finished the front and back, also blocked them as well. Now working on the sleeves.

This is totally a new pattern that I manage to learn few new things. Firstly, every pieces are casted on using provisional/invisible cast on method. And then, you work the back and front until armhole shaping part and stop there. Join with the sleeves. Have all the stitches on the needle now and work in round up to the neck.

with the help from Lily, finally I managed to understand the pattern good. I can't wait to complete this and wear it. =) More to share with you all next week.