Monday, December 01, 2008

We Can Make this Christmas More Meaningful!
Festive seasons are just around the corner. Many of us are busy planning for the holidays, preparing gifts for our family and friends. Christmas is a season that belongs to family gathering. Nothing can beat the moment everyone gathers under the Christmas tree opening up their gifts. But not to forget, there are many people will not get to spend this precious holiday with their family because they are far away from home.

For those who are in military service and stationed oversea, they do wish to come home and spend the holidays with their family very much. But they are serving the country proudly in their uniform in foreign country. They are contributing for the country selflessly. This does not mean they or their family members do no deserve a good Christmas or holiday.

We now can make this Christmas a better holiday for them. We can donate for the military families, the Heroes at Home through Sears online. We can fulfill their Christmas wish by making this little effort we can.

Sears established its Heroes at Home programs to provide supports to the military service members, veterans and families through joint-effort with various non-profit organizations. We now can have this opportunity to give thanks and fulfill the wishes of military heroes and their families for the sacrifices they make. They have certainly make a different for our country, and so can we. Please log in Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry now and make a donation to make this Christmas more meaningful.