Friday, July 25, 2008

Interweaveknits Fall 2008 is out. I would say it is better than the Summer's. I have a quick peek at the projects and I found two that I am interested in, which is the Afterthought Darts Cardigan by Theresa Schabes and Whisper Stripe Pullover by Michele Rose Orne. I think the Whisper Stripe Pullover is a really sweet elegant pattern but I would alter the waist shaping to gain a better fit if I knitted it.

Also, Vogueknitting Fall is out too!!! Well, most of the patterns are death gorgeous but seems complicated work though. Not something that I will knit and wear this year. But there is one cardigan that I really like. Love the pattern, Love the color. I think a thicker yarn is used in this project. It looks so good on the model. I don't think I can carry this piece nicely as I personally think Big yarn and Big size does not go well together.

I am wishing will have some nice pattern for this fall! Still waiting for it.