Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Wish I Can Have More Time...

I love to draw and I love to paint. When I was 8, I started taking painting class till I was 15. I missed those times I played with colors.

I been moving and relocated so much through my life and I am really regret that I did not keep my art works nicely like I should have. Even now, I still collecting nice color pencil, crayons.

When I visited my brother at Melbourne at year 2002, he gave me a nice sketch book. My brother was studying architecture that time and he has a sketch book fulled of many nice drawings. The first thing I drew on the sketch book, is the popular masterpiece of Micheal Angelo, "The Creation of Adam". I love this paint and I will never forget the moment when I finally get to eyeball it in Sistine Chapel, Rome.

I want to frame this paint one day and put it in my craft room. Well, seems like my craft room takes forever to get done huh?! I have to kick John's butt for that! Sometimes, I just wish I could have more time, so I can draw and paint again.