Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Check list before leaving to Milwaukee
1. Bring yarn and needle.
2. Buy some shorts, sleeveless tops from Target.
3. Remember to bring my cap.
4. Bring extra batteries for digi-cam.
5. Buy a travel pillow.
6. Sunblock, sunnys, lotion, skincare...
7. Bring swimming suit.
8. Running shoes.
9. Bring hair iron.
10. DS lite charger, cellphone charger, ipod.
11. Laptop
12. Bring my Avene spring water spray.
13. Do manicure n pedicure myself

Thats what I have to do and prepare before I leave to Milwaukee at Thursday. Long long drive!!! 18hrs? Well, well, well... that will be a GREAT road trip!!! I am looking forward to this trip with my loving family. WE WILL HAVE FUN!!!