Monday, July 14, 2008

The main reason why I keep my hair that long is because of John. He always warns me not to cut them short, trimming is ok but not cutting off real short. But of course, I myself also enjoy keeping long hair as I can do different styling with my hair.
Lately, I dyed my hair into darker brown color at home because my hair color turned into real unhealthy yucky reddish orangie. After the hair dying, I actually thought of changing my hair style, maybe cutting it shorter, I mean like at lest 6 inches shorter. John gave me a big no no.
Well, all this while, I been telling my girl friends that I will CHOP off my hair after I give birth my first baby. I have no plan for any baby yet at this moment but I think that might be a good time to have my hair cut, short like Katie Holmes's hair.
John said that is not going to happen until I turn 50! haha~ I keep long hair for at least 8 years, I know there is a day, I will cut them short. But, When?!