Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom~
10th July was my MIL's birthday and we have a small celebration for her today at Rosanne's place. I was responsible for the dessert a.k.a birthday cake. Rosanne and Gloria made us a very nice light Italian meal.

I made a pineapple upside-down cake. It is a recipe from Betty Crocker. Not hard to make at all and it turned out very good. I am real proud of myself! (Ahem!) Well, I am really happy to see everyone enjoy the cake.

Before the dinner started, we all sat at the back patio. We just relaxed, chatted and watched Dylan and Christopher having fun in the pool. I enjoy the family gathering time, listening to the conversation and drinking my beer. Rosanne and Steve has a very lovely house. They decorate their house nicely. I love the pool! I wish I could have jumped into the pool and joined the kids.

John and I had some little fun with the pool. Nice water cool us down a little bit!

I forgot to tell you all, it was a hot day! Temperature went up to 103F. I already got some sun tan on my hands and face after days of driving in the day time. But it is not bad at all, I like the rosie cheek the sun gave me.

About the dinner, we all enjoy and love it. We had a lettuce mushroom salad, toasted bread with tomato on top and the orange shrimp pasta! A very very healthy light summer meal that we all should have! Wonderful meal! Yum Yum!

Aahhh... I am very happy today! I love hanging out with my family! But it is the time of the month and I have a uncomfortable stomach for whole day. I want a bowl of hot spicy tomyam soup now.....

Look at the sun tan we both have on our faces! I love mine! hehe