Monday, July 14, 2008

It is his PLAN!!!
John: Hey baby, wake up! Why you go back to sleep? We have things to do!
I: What to do? You never tell me though.
John: I want to go to Toys' R Us. Andy said there are games on clearance sales. Also, we have to get dog food for Pepe.
I: Ok!

We were at Toys' R Us after 30minutes... and Andy was working there. They both talked about what games are on sales and later, they were talking about PS3. There is this special edition of PS3 which comes with the new game Metal Gear Solid 4. It is like a good deal the game is totally FREE when you purchase the PS3.

John been wanting a PS3 since last year Christmas but I held him back and PROHIBITED him to do so. He already has XBOX, XBOX 360, DS Nintendo and Wii which we just bought last months. I really don't think he needs PS3. Here he goes all the time, telling me about the Blue Ray feature in PS3. He told me if we owned a PS3, we don't have to buy a BR player in the future which would cost hundred bucks. I always IGNORED that statement eventhough I have to agree that might be a smart buy.

You might wonder why I change my mind today and finally agree with John's purchasing. Well, that will be his birthday present. Eventhough I really think he is over occupied by games, I know he really wishes to own one PS3. You have to know the way he looked at me, the hopeful look of him, trying to persuade me to let him get one at the counter, both hands on the PS3. Oh well, it is his birthday, he can get something BIG. hehe~ and he even suggested me to sponsor him 100usd. I nodded my head and give him the green light to go ahead.

Welcome our new additional member everyone, Mr. Cool-blackie PS3!!! Say hi to whitey Wii and XBox 360! What a nice loving family there. Oh... we forgot about oldie blackie Mr.Xbox, he is kinda abandoned aside with spider webs all over it! (Ops, everyone now knows I am not a good housewife in cleaning!)