Monday, July 14, 2008

I just wish you all are healthy and happy!
I talked to my mom last night. She complained about my dad on the phone. She said my dad is not taking good care of himself. Been drinking often and smoking as well. She wants me to talk to my dad.
This is a headache issue. My father is like a big baby. He been eating healthy at home but once he hangs out with his friend outside, he will tend to drink and eat very badly. We always tell him, health is very important for elder people like them. They should love themselves more,take good care of them, then they can do more with their lives without worrying sickness illness problem.
My mom is doing good. She attends dancing class with some other ladies every weekday morning. And then, she eats healthily, cut down red meat totally. She used to have joint pain problem, but now with the good compliance on Glucosamine and sufficent exercise, she actually looks good and feels good. I can't wait to go home and see my lovely mom.
I am very blessed to have my loving parents, parents in law and god parents in my life. I just wish they are healthy, having a simple, happy life. I just wish to spend as much as time possible with them. I love to hang out with elderly people, they are just loving and caring.
Well, I really need to talk to my dad this weekend. Or else, I wont bring home any golf balls and golf glove for him! He better start behaving good!!!