Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let's Increase Our Bills IQ
Most of us are on debt, credit card debt, home mortgage debt, or study loan debt. We try to pay off the dept and become dept free as fast as we could so our credit score would be in the good score range. But, not many of us are wise in our financial management. We always tend to spend more than what we can afford and end up giving our credit score a lame number.

One of my close girl friends has accumulated a big sum debt on different credit cards and she is seeking different Debt help and Debt consolidation advices lately. She knows she has to put her feet down and take care of the credit now before she drowns in it. I am lucky to say, my financial is under control and I manage to make payment every month as planned and still manage to have some money save up.

I went to this evening and took a quiz to find out how fit my financial is. As what I expected, my BillsIQ score is good. I am financially fit. Why not you take the quiz yourself as well? Try to spend few minutes to answer those questions with calm mind. We all have to know about our financial situation and make sure we have the most appropriate plan for debt payment.

After I participating the BillsIQ quiz, I feel such a big relieve. Of course, I know the biggest relieve that I am looking forward is the moment that I am Debt relieve. I also read up the personal tips and advices provided from the site based on my quiz result. Those are really important information. It is really really important to have a good financial plan especially at this bad economy recession period.

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