Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Capsicum sounds SEXIER!

Me: John, can you please check the fridge if there is any capsicum left?

John: (Looked confused for seconds) Capsicum? What the heck is that?

Me:Hey yerrr... (I walked into kitchen, opened up the fridged and took out the capsicum)

John:Oh baby~ Thats green pepper! Or you can say green bell pepper. No no capsicum. It is USA here...


Me:Aahh.... I want to eat brinjal and fish fillet badly!!!

John: GREENjal? What is that?

Me: NO!!! Its not GREEN.. its BRINjal... what you so called Eggplants!!!

Then we both laughed out loudly!

There are many things we call differently back home and in the states. Its just funny all the jokes we make out of these term use differences!