Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Very Impressive Little Felicity
This year December will be our 3rd year anniversary and I swear, the most frequently asked question by friends and relatives is, when am I going to have baby. It will be glad to have an additional member to the family but I always know giving birth a baby is not the hardest part but to raise, educate and teach him right.

I try to read and know more about kids young age education before I get conceive because I believe the initial few years growth of a kid is very important. I watched a very impressive and interesting video at Youtube last night. It is about how this little girl Felicity manage to learn to read at very young age of 12 months to 2.5 year old. She does not born to be that smart but she was taught using the flash card method and multi-sensory method as well as well computer software.

The video shows 12 month-old smart baby Felicity managed to read words that she has memorized, but she does not know what the letters stand for yet. However, she knows the words' meanings! Then she was taught the phonics by her parents when she was around 2 years old. Now with the age of 2.5, Felicity enjoys reading independently and the most important thing is, she is never forced to learn. She reads books like such a baby genius!

The video is so amazing and you should watch it. It is not hard to get your baby interested in reading, or learn how to read. It is all depends on what method you use to teach your baby. I definitely interested in the teaching methods as mentioned above.

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