Monday, July 07, 2008

Bling Bling Bling!

It is time for me to show you all my Bling Gnome now. You might be wonder what is going on with my life here that I have something to do with bling gnomes. Well, you have to love the bling gnomes if you play the new online game Dungeon Runners like I do.

In this new online game, Bling Gnome are your good buddies, they eat up all the unwanted items and then will turn them into GOLD. Yes! Bling bling gold. I went to and downloaded myself a free game to play. I just love the game. Good graphic and it has a good user interface as well. Not a very complicated game and I totally enjoy playings it.

You now understand why I have to bling my gnomes and pimp them out. Under the influence of this new game, you just want to bling your gnomes as much as possible. I have some bling golden necklaces around my gnomes with a shiny silver star on their hat. You gotta love my Bling Gnomes.

I bet this game sounds interesting for you. You can now go to the site and download the free game or you can purchase yourself a subscription as well. Let's fall in love with our gnomes.


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