Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Can You Drop By Earlier This Year, Santa?

I been looking at lipstick a lot lately. I want a nude color lipstick badly as I realize I don't have one yet. But it is not easy toget a nude color lipstick which suits you terrificly. Today, I was on my daily routine reading up some cosmetic make up blogs and I saw this......

At that moment, I held my breath for at least 3 seconds. Oh, how lovely the make up looks on the model. The whole make up combination is something I want badly. It is Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette. Very soft tone color that I can use at day time!

It comes with three eyeshadow shades,a blush and three lips color. Look at the lip color on the model, I just adore it. Well, I love this face palette!!! I want it!!! It is 2008 fall limited edition... Can I get it? Can I have it?

Santa, where are you? Its time to wake up at north pole and prepare my Christmas present!